RAF Leeming, Gatenby, Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

We are grateful to the personnel at RAF Leeming for giving us access to their Station to host this event.  Facilities they gave us included buildings for workshops and marketplace, parking, shuttle buses round the site, RAF staff on logistics, refreshments and sandwich lunches for delegates, and a reception and break out area, all provided for a very reasonable charge. They also gave us support in planning the event from their own STEM team.  Without the generous support of the RAF we would not have been able to run such a substantial event.

RAF Leeming runs it’s own STEM events in association with RAF Cranwell, and works with schools to encourage boys and girls to explore STEM opportunities.  In the Centenary year of the RAF in 2018 they hope to produce a second STEM day modelled on our event.

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